Best Vegetable Chopper with Pull String

The power of a manual vegetable chopper is represented by the string. Every manual chopper has a string and pulley system. To begin chopping vegetables, pull the cord on your chopper, and it will do the rest. You may simply pull the thread depending on how finely cut the vegetables or fruits are. Generally, five times is sufficient for a standard chop and ten times is sufficient for fine chopping. So, after several testing, I’ve decided that the Gigev invention vegetable micro chopper is the greatest chopper with a durable and long-lasting string. Among the remaining pullup string choppers, the butterfly premium chopper comes in second and the Phyllo convenient vegetable chopper comes in third. I’ve also responded to certain questions.

Let’s list the best vegetable choppers with pull string

After testing 30-35 vegetable choppers with the pull string, finally I found five best vegetable choppers, of which the strings are very strong and long lasting. Let’s have a look!

Gigev Creation Vegetable Mini Chopper Handy Quick Cutter for Kitchen, 3 Blade Stainless Steel, Pull String, (Multicolour) (350ml)

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For a perfect fast pull string feature, I love this Gigev compact fruit & vegetable chopper. It has been thoughtfully designed to make all of your chopping tasks easier. You will get it easily in a variety of colors, allowing you to light up your kitchen. Rather than using a knife & cutting board, use this handy tool to swiftly and easily shred the fruits and veggies into small shreds. It requires no energy and is prepared to use as soon as you bring it out of the container.


It is made of high-quality, BPA-free, 100 percent food-grade plastic. The integrated spring action system makes pulling simple and lasts a long time. It is ideal for quickly chopping garlic, vegetables, onions, tomatoes, salads, herbs, boneless meat, fruits, nuts, and many more. For a small or large family, 350ml volume is ideal for everyday usage and storage. Three sharp stainless steel blades effortlessly cut through veggies in the chopper and the width of the cuts is determined by the amount of pulls.


  • Stainless sharp steel blades
  • Easy to clean
  • Unique and strong string function
  • Made of strong plastic


  • No cons found

Butterfly Premium Vegetable Chopper 600 ml

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In my list, the second best pull string is provided by Butterfly. It is a superior vegetable chopper that effortlessly cuts every type of fruit and vegetable. With only a few tugs of the cord, you can cut and slice your veggies, dried fruits, walnuts, and other small items into small pieces. Make salads, gravies, pastes, and other dishes more quickly and easily. And also the string is long lasting and strong that easily cut, chop and shred vegetables within a few seconds only.


It is Dishwasher-friendly. Using the string function, you can easily cut fruits and vegetables. For long-term usage, it is made of indestructible ABS plastic. The Stainless steel blades come with a 3-blade configuration. Its design is very environmentally friendly and looks slim and compact.


  • 3 unique types of blades
  • Strong pulling strings
  • Durable
  • Strong grip
  • Easy to clean


  • Does not cut coconuts

Phyllo Handy Quick Cutter Vegetable Mini Smooth Chopper for Kitchen, 3 Steel Blade, (600ml), BPA Free, Pull String

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This Phyllo vegetable chopper is very smooth to chop all Vegetables and Fruits. This innovative handy chopper is a fantastic answer for all of the vegetable and fruit chopping requirements. With the chopper, three sharp & long-lasting knives are included. Cleaning is simple with warm water, mild soap, and a soft cloth because this Phyllo chopper can be easily opened & removed effortlessly. Using the string function, you can easily cut fruits and vegetables.


Its blades are composed of Alloy Steel & Stainless Steel, and come with a Plastic chopping box. The handy quick cutter comes with 19 x 14 x 5 Centimeters dimensions. For long-term usage, it is made of indestructible ABS plastic and Polypropylene (PP).


  • Eco-friendly design
  • no electricity required
  • Convenient and Easy Handling


  • Expensive than other vegetable choppers

RIDOK 2 in 1 Jumbo Plastic Chopper Vegetable Cutter with 6 Blades and Pull Handle Fruit Cutter Fruit Chopper Chilly Chopper Onion Cutter, 1000ML, Set of 1, Blue

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This Ridok plastic chopper comes with an easy to pull string for a perfect chopping. It is a powerful herb, vegetable, and food chopper which is very easy to wash. It is perfect for slicing vegetables and fruit salads, chopping herbs, veggies  nuts, hummus, salsa, pesto, guacamole, meats for burgers, ice, & stainless steel blades for simple chopping, and a powerful pyramid-shaped cutter for effective and convenient cutting.


This manual chopper features six razor-sharp stainless steel blades which quickly slice nuts and veggies. The length of the cuts is determined by the amount of pulls. Integrated spring action system makes pulling simple and lasts for years. Made of high-quality and BPA-free 100 percent food-grade plastic. The ideal volume is 1000 ML, and it’s easy to use & store. The measurements are 20 x 10 x 10 centimeters. It barely weighs 400 grams.


  • 1000 ML capacity
  •  6 sharp stainless steel blades
  • Value for money product


  • The pull cord is slow

Pigeon Plastic Handy Chopper With 5 Blades And 1 Whisker, Green

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This Pigeon New Handy Chopper is the great, low-cost option for all the fruit and vegetable cutting requirements. The manual cutter chops & slices vegetables in such a hassle-free way with minimum effort, thanks to three sharp & sturdy durable steel and a special string design. It easily chops any fruits or veggies to a medium size before putting them in the cutter to get an equally chopped variant for salads, fruits, sabzi dishes, as well as other cooking needs.



It comes with Sturdy 5-blade design made from Stainless Steel. The unique string function helps to chop vegetables and fruits with ease. The measurements are 12.8 x 14.5 x 12.8 centimeters and made of unbreakable ABS plastic for long-lasting use. You will also get this Pigeon Handy chopper XL with warranty & manual cards and 30 Days Warranty. 


  • The body is made of highly strong plastic 
  • Easy to use 
  • easy to detach
  • No electricity required


  • Cutting style cannot be chosen


Best vegetable chopper with pull string – Buyers’ Guide

Before purchasing a vegetable chopper (manual) it is very important to check the string that you will pull while cutting the veggies. 

  • Length of the string –

The string should not be too long or short. It should be 8” to 10” inches after pull. If it is too long, the chopping will take time. Here in my list the Gigev creation provides the best length string with the chopper.

  • Durability of the string –

It matters the most. String is the power of the chopper. So if it loses easily then it won’t work properly and the whole chopper will get wasted.

  • Durability of the ring –

The ring with the string should be durable enough. Because through it only you will pull the string. So the ring should be properly attached to the string.

  • Build Material of the string –

The string should be made of strong elastic so that it does not break easily and stays for a long time without any problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a pull chopper?

First, place the vegetables in the container and cover the lid. Then pull the strings and chop all the vegetables or fruits as you want to have for your preparation.

Are pull choppers better than an electric one?

If you are looking for a chopper for daily use and very easy to use, then the manual choppers are the best. You can easily carry them here and there.

What if the strings get broken while using?

If in case the strings break within 30 days of using, you can easily claim a money back guarantee or a complaint against the company, they will immediately change it. 

How many times do I need to pull the string for a salad?

It entirely depends on what you are going to prepare. If you want to cut the veggies, pull the string 2 to 3 times. For chopping 5 to 6 times and for shredding pull 10 to 11 times.

Final words

A manual chopper is incomplete without its string. So always it is necessary to select a strong chopper with easily used pulling strings. All the choppers of my list are carefully chosen checking all the string capacity. I did not only go for the brand or features, I have also checked and tested all the strings by pulling and finally selected all the choppers that can take the load of heavy chopping.

If you are going for a vegetable chopper with a large capacity then do not forget to check its construction. Before investing in a product you must always check its pros, cons and reviews from a worthy source. 


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