Commercial/Industrial Vegetable Chopper Machine – Useful Guide

In the commercial food industry, for small hotels and large restaurants, a commercial vegetable chopper is the chef’s favorite kitchen tool. Most of the commercial vegetable chopper includes a bowl chopping machine, bowl cutter, fruits chopper,  buffalo chopper, vegetable chopper, quiet cutters, electric bowl chopper, and the commercial food cutter. Every piece of equipment has its own function and use for bulk food chopping and cutting. However, the motor or the power source remains the same, only the shape and functionality of blades changes to perform a different task. All through the structure of such a chopping machine looks complicated, the function is very simple. In today’s blog, I will be covering different features, functionalities of an industrial chopper. 

The vegetable chopper is mainly used for cutting and chopping a large number of fruits and vegetables. It is powered by an encased gear and a concealed slicing blade. The body is composed of aluminum alloy and has a big size stainless steel bowl. Most of these commercial chopper has an instant shut-off button for enhanced user safety.

Commercial vegetable choppers in india
Commercial vegetable choppers in india

Features of a commercial vegetable chopper

  • Unloading scraper for removing the material from the container. There are no corrosion dangers because the bowl and string blade are made of stainless steel, as well as the bowl cover is made of aluminum.
  • Easy-to-clean the detachable bowl covering, knives, & the bowl.
  • Whenever the bowl cover interlocking is not closed & latched, the unit will not start.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry everywhere you want.
  • It can easily chop any type of vegetables with a jas bowl chopper like leeks, shallots, egg plant, garlic, spring onion, turnips, onion, rutabaga, tuberous & roots, sweet potato, brinjal, celery, sweet pepper, beetroot, Tragopogon, carrots, potato, parsnips, many types of legumes vegetables and brassicas vegetable like runner beans, Broad beans, peas, french beans, brussels sprout, kohlrabi, calabrese broccoli, cabbage, radishes, cauliflower. 

How is a commercial vegetable chopper constructed?

According to the standard supply, a vegetable chopper does have a 14” stainless steel bowl, quintuple cutlery grade stainless steel blades with the stainless steel knife brush, as well as a stainless steel handle for easy transport. It also has a single or three-phase motor, 0.5 HP motor,  with a strong plug and cord, 1400 RPM knife configuration, as well as 22 RPM bowl velocity.

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Benefits of using a commercial vegetable chopper

  • Assembly of Stainless Steel Blades-

The frame is made of aluminum alloy, and the blade is made of stainless steel. built for long-term usage, with a square cutting area that is simple to clean.

  • Simple to Use-

This multipurpose 1⁄4 “vegetable dicer makes it simple to cut fruits and vegetables. You only have to load veggies onto the blade assembly then pull down the push blocker to get (0.6 cm) 1/4 ” chopped fruits and veggies.

  • Construction of Cast Aluminum-

This dicer is composed of sturdy cast aluminum to guarantee that it can survive severe everyday use while also delivering years of dependable service.

  • Aluminium Alloy Frame –

Intended to sustain harsh everyday use, give outstanding damage resistance, as well as provide many years of perfect service.

How to use a commercial food chopper?

The vegetable chopper consists of a revolving stainless steel container into which fruit and vegetables are carefully put. The bowl of the bowl chopper helps to hold the veggies & food and spins during that cutting time. A multi-bladed rotating knife placed at the back of the bowl & rotating in the vertical direction chops the materials in the bowl. The fruit and vegetables are put through a fixed blade that spins, as well as the procedure, is repeated until the material is sliced to the required size. A cover that protects the machine does have a larger area to handle the rotating blade. Emptying scrapers on food processing bowl chopper devices release the food from the bowl into the container through a chute. The bowl lid interlock stops running whenever the cover is in the incorrect position.

Where can you buy good quality commercial chopper?

Commercial chopper is not easily available on online stores like amazon, Flipkart. But, you can check here, to find few available commercial choppers on amazon. The best option to get a commercial or industrial useable chopper is to look for manufacturers and dealers.

You can look for b2b marketplaces like Indiamart, To find manufacturers and sellers. However, I will suggest visiting the manufacturers before you make your purchase.


For bulk and industrial level products, a commercial vegetable chopper is a must-have tool. It not only cuts vegetables, but also can cut fruits, dry fruits, and other types of foods within a minute only. So, if you are making large numbers of meals every day, get a commercial vegetable chopper now!

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