How to Use and Clean Vegetable Choppers?

The vegetable chopper is a small, portable, and simple-to-use instrument. However, these vegetable choppers must be cleaned after each use; if you do not clean it properly, it will emit a foul odour when you use it the following time. Only you can effortlessly cut various sorts of veggies and fruits into pieces in a matter of seconds. The veggies are available in any form or quantity! So, have a look at these strategies for completely cleaning the choppers.

Electric chopper

The electric chopper is simple to use. The robust blades precisely chop fruit, vegetables, nuts, and other items with a simple push action. Heavy-duty stainless steel shafts with a zigzag design easily slice through veggies. The one cup can quickly be filled with diced, chopped, and minced vegetables much faster than cooks could cut them with a cutter with a few gentle rubber button presses.

The vegetable chopper primarily has S-shaped blades, a base bowl, and a top cover for clean and efficient cutting. The cover features microscopic holes that are excellent for home cooks who want to add white oil to the container while using this gadget, such as thick home-made salad dressing.

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Manual chopper

The more pulls on the pull cord that spins the chopper’s blades, the finer the chop; the lesser pulls, the coarse grind the chop. Avocados & onions get to be fine enough just to make bucolic guacamole after pulling the cord a few times. The twist-and-lock cover is made of a BPA-free plastic container that retains about three cups of ingredients as well as keeps fingers away from these blades. If you have more veggies chopped than you require, don’t worry about finding a carton to collect them in—just cover the bowl with the included cover and keep it in the freezer.

The manual chopper is a simple and effective chopper for tiny kitchens, casual cooks, & campers, but mise en place snobs should be aware that perhaps the cut veggies are not properly shaped. The chopper’s unique design, on the other hand, makes cleaning a breeze, especially because all of the parts are completely waterproof.

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How to use these additional Features

Some manual or electric choppers have extra features. So you should know their uses first. That can improve your cooking experience easily. Vegetable choppers may include the following uses:

  • Attached work bowls – Meal preparation is made easier by vegetable choppers with work bowls or catch trays, which make very little mess than other choppers. The chopped vegetables are contained in these bowls so that they don’t fall on the counter and floor. Catch trays are attached with the veggie chopper also to keep the cut produce contained until you require it.
  • Egg separators – Helps to separate egg yolks & whites evenly.
  • Juicer – If you like to make fruit salad dressings or enjoy a cup of fresh juice, the juicer will be very useful for you.
  • Vegetable peelers – Carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, apples, & other bodied vegetables are easily peeled with vegetable peelers.
  • Egg slicers – These are faster than knives at slicing eggs for salads.
  • Slicing bowl – With the electric choppers, hand scrapers prevent food from accumulating on the ends of the slicing bowl.
  • Storing lid – Instead of dirtying another container, a storing lid can be used to cap leftover veggies in the work container.

How to clean the vegetable chopper easily after using it?

After using the manual or the electric chopper, you must be thinking how to clean them. So, checkout the easy cleaning method –

  • It’s always easier to clean a veggie chopper just after it’s been used, and doing so prevents the catch tray from staining. 
  • Before cleaning an electric vegetable chopper, make sure it’s unplugged, then disassemble it and rinse out any large food particles. 
  • Food particles may become filled in the blades of some chopper blades, which must be excluded before the razors and chopper are rinsed. 
  • Choppers with fewer parts are very simple to rinse than those that must be disassembled after every use, as you might have guessed from reading these steps.
  • Many vegetable choppers can be securely washed in with a single dishwasher. 
  • Sometimes electric vegetable choppers now have dishwasher-safe sections, but always double-check the manufacturer’s instructions. 
  • Before storing your chopper, make sure all parts (especially the blade) are perfectly clean and dry.

Let’s Sum Up

To use and wash the vegetable chopper, all you need is lukewarm water, soap, as well as a clean towel. Electric choppers, on the other hand, cannot be cleaned in this manner. If you strictly follow all of the following instructions for using and cleaning the vegetable chopper, it will last a long time.

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