Where to Find a Vegetable Chopper Blade Replacement?

Finding a new vegetable chopper is easy, but chopper blades are hard to find. After two months of amazing performance, my chopper blades broke because of nuts chopping. I was wonder where to find a replacement for the blades, then i found there is nowhere on the internet the blades are available. So, In this blog, i will try to cover the possible solutions to this problem, and by the end of this blog, hope you can find it too.

There are few ways you can try to find the chopper blades, Today I am going to mention some of them. However, I made a deep research on finding the blades online, there is no place where I find them online. So, most of the ways i am going to mention here are offline purchases.

Fix it rather than buying a new blade

If the blade is not completely broken and can be fixed better to go for this option than finding a new one. As it is made of stainless steel, the repair guy can repair it easily. In your locality if you know any repair guy, you can show it to them, they can hopefully repair it without any issue.

Call the brand

If the blades are not possible to repair and totally not operational, You can call the company or brand or the seller of the vegetable chopper to get the information about the chopper blade. Most of the time those sellers have blades for sale, but you have to purchase them offline. Below I am mentioning some of the most popular vegetable chopper brand customer care numbers, you can reach out to them and ask for the blade.

Even if they say the blade is not available, you can ask them for providing it and inform you when available. This way you can have the original brand blades which will go for a long.

Also, if the number is not reachable, you can mail or contact through the official website.

Brand Contact Details
Pigeon 044-42809873

Website: pigeonindia.in

Ganesh 1800 123 9439
info@ganeshkitchenware.comWebsite: ganeshkitchenware.com
Inalsa 9773982065 /66/67/68

Website: inalsaappliances.com

Orpat +91 – 02822 – 663012

Website: orpatgroup.com

Nova Email: support@novaindia.co.in
+91-080-41615050Website: novaindia.co.in
Butterfly gmal@butterflyindia.com
(044) 47415500Website: butterflyindia.com

Go for local kitchen stores

Your local kitchen stores can be a good resource to reach out to. As local stores in India has the “Jugad” of everything you need, reaching the local stores can be helpful to find out the blades. However, before visiting the store, you can call them by finding the local kitchen and appliances store near to you on google and confirm if it’s available or not.

If you have purchased the chopper from a local store, contact the seller and ask for the blades. You will surely get a solution.

Protect chopper blades

Although the chopper brand promised to be super powerful blades, if you cut hard objects like nuts dry fruits, and others, I found the blade does not run smoothly. Also, by mistake sometimes we put hard objects into the chopper that can make severe damage to the blade. During the time of chopping vegetables, I prefer to cut them into small pieces for chopping. It keeps the chopper blades safe and long-lasting.

However, there are few websites that offers to buy vegetable choppers replacement parts online

Final words

All through the blades are currently not available in the online marketplaces, trying the above methods you can get the blades for the chopper. Also, prevention methods are highly recommended to follow to prevent future damages. Hope this guide helps you to fix the issue of the chopper blade. Feel to get in touch with me for further support.

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